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This page is about welding & 3D modeling/drafting in SolidWorks

Over the past year I have been learning and utilizing the three main welding processes: GMAW, SMAW, & GTAW. On top of that, I have spent my time outside of technical training familiarizing myself with the SolidWorks 3D solids & drafting software. Both of these skills have been crucial to gaining a better understanding in general fabrication, and manufacturing. Here you will be able to see examples of different processes, demonstrations in part/assembly design for the purpose of company productivity, increased design creativity, and reduced costs in manufacturing.


Power Feed Bracket Design in SolidWorks

Successful completion of a 2G, 3/8

Here you can see a successful completion of a 2G(vertical position) descructive bend test of a 3/8" plate utilizing GMAW Short Circuit Transfer. These descructive tests are particularly difficult in this process due to its shallow penetration of the base metal. It is actually not a valid AWS test for that reason. Success in this test demonstrates great proficiency in the process.

3/8" Plate bent at the weld joint. Root(left) & face(right) visible.

The ability to provide a visual demonstration is an important step to provide clarity for the purpose of the product, and manufacturing. Here you can see a demonstration of a vertical ingot mold I designed for the purpose of producing cleaner looking ingots.

Animated demonstration of a vertical ingot mold separating.

Animated demonstration of vertical ingot mold design

Exploded view with bill of materials.

Exploded views are excellent tools to provide clarity on complex assemblies, as well as a visual compliment to a bill of materials.

Lever hub. Exploded view with bill of materials.

Part & assembly examples