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2023/07/28 - The Photography Update

The photography section has received a large update! With my recent adventures in digital photography, I have included a section to showcase these, alongside my film photographs as well.

2023/06/15 - Millennium 2000: Vol 2 - Beanbag

The Summer Solstice approaches. Volume 2 of Millennium 2000 is now available! It is called "Beanbag."

2023/01/21 - Millennium 2000: An Ongoing Collection of Tiled Wallpapers

Happy new year. Starting off the year with a very exciting announcement: the Millennium 2000 collection. Millennium 2000 is an ongoing project consisting of tiled wallpapers made by me. I've never made tiled wallpapers before, but I've always loved them, as you can probably tell based on my website alone.

The collection will be ever-expanding, and I will be releasing them in volumes. I'm excited to share and express my love for this medium, and I hope you find a wallpaper that you like, for your desktop, or website.

This collection is free to use. Permission is not required to use them. Please download and enjoy.

Millennium 2000

2022/10/31 - Halloween Update

Happy Halloween. This is just a PSA to purchase an encyclopedia, preferably one from around the turn of the millennium or pre 9/11. I opted for the World Book Millennium edition. Looks beautiful on the shelf and significantly more informative and easier to read than wikipedia or many other resources on the internet. It's getting more and more difficult to find helpful information and search engines are dying.


2022/06/08 - New 35mm Photos

I've included some new shots that were just recently developed. Some new ones on 800 iso, and also a 3200 iso B+W long exposure.

2022/03/18 - A New Track

I wanted to put this song out there. It's going to be part of my next musical endeavor, whenever that may see the light of day.

Email me your thoughts.

2022/03/17 - Indexed on Wiby!

The site is now properly indexed on, a search engine designed to index small, plain html-based webpages. This website is the second result when you search "curran." Very cool!

2022/03/05 - Site Live

My website is live! It's pretty much exactly how I imagined it. People may visit this page and find it archaic, but I find the modern web to be an absolute dysfunctional mess. In plain HTML, it forces you to stay simple. And frankly the look of the old web makes me feel good. I think of this place as my own little oasis in the complete hellscape that is the modern web.

Here there are no ads, no popups, no windows barking at you about cookies, just the information that you need. While in real life I absolutely despise minimalism, on the web, somehow it has become obnoxiously minimalist, and maximalist at the same time. Aesthetically these 30mb web pages take on a "flat, minimal" look, while containing an absolute tumor of useless information, ads, gigantic images that may take a long time to load for someone with a slow internet connection, etc. So on the web, I feel that the best user experience is a functionally minimalist design. Aesthetically, I'd like to see some fun, artistically designed sites that reflect the personality of site owner, while retaining basic, technical functionality.

Anyway...This will be the place I compile all of my creative works, hobbies as well as random thoughts like this one. Contact info is also available. The site should be pretty idiot-proof to navigate. I'm excited to have a self-hosted, self-reliant place of my own here on the net. It is a breath of fresh air to be independent of any multi-billion dollar conglomerates incinerating the web with their presence...but thats for another thought.