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Here you can find a collection of photographs I have taken over the years, both film and digital.

When I initially began dabbling in photography back in 2017, I shot film exclusively. I rather enjoyed the manual aspect of film photography, as well as the tangible variations and artifacts in the results (particularly in expired film, which I shoot on frequently). I shot on an old Canon AE-1 that I purchased on eBay.

However, I've recently began shooting digital, (big thanks to my sister for kindly donating her DSLR to me!!) It's become more convenient since I do not live in a big city anymore, access to a dark room is non-existent; and sending rolls out to get developed is not only time-consuming, but expensive. I've also become a bit soured by film as a roll of precious vacation photos proceeded to not come out at all. So I've accumulated a number of digital photographs that I want to showcase on this site alongside my film photographs.

I've separated the two in the following links below

film film